At Fidelity, we are constantly innovating and challenging the status quo in order to deliver more value to our customer. Its core to who we are. Our founder said: Take intelligent risks, rather than follow the crowd.

Fidelitys Boundless Program is a discovery program for high school and undergraduate women getting ready to take the world by storm.

Learn how were helping young women explore their possibilities

Fidelitys dedication to innovation goes beyond the office walls and into elementary schools.

Were helping schoolteachers become more financially savvy, with hopes that students reap the rewards.

Wall Street JournalCharles Schwab Corp. and Fidelity Investments are making hundreds more exchange-traded funds free to trade on their platforms.

Investors Business DailyFidelity brokerage is keeping its streak alive by ranking among the top brokers in IBDs seventh annual Best Online Brokers survey.

Yahoo! FinanceMore Americans are getting serious about financial planning, according to Fidelity Investments tenth annual New Year Financial Resolutions Study.

Fidelity purchases its first computer, beginning its commitment to developing and using the latest technology to serve its customers.

Fidelitys first street-level Investor Center opens on Congress Street in Boston. For the first time, customers can get personal service along with free information and investment guidance on a walk-in basis.

Fidelity becomes an Internet pioneer as the first mutual fund company to create a home page on the World Wide Web.

Headquartered in Boston, Fidelity serves its customers through 10 regional offices and more than 190 Investor Centers in the United States. With 40,000-plus associates, our global presence spans eight other countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia who are also working tirelessly to meet the needs of our customers.

We provide financial planning and retirement options such as IRAs, annuities, and managed accounts; brokerage and cash management products; college savings accounts; and other financial services for millions of individual investors.

We work with employers to build benefit programs for their employees, and provide recordkeeping, investments, and servicing in defined contribution, defined benefit, health & welfare, and stock plan services.

We bring sophisticated technology and highly personalized service together to offer clearing, custody, investment products, brokerage, and trading services to a wide range of financial firms.

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management is a distribution organization dedicated to the institutional marketplace. It serves consultants and institutional investors, such as defined benefit and defined contribution plans, endowments, and financial advisors.

Fidelity Charitable is an independent public charity that allows donors to establish a dedicated donor-advised fund to support their favorite charities in the short term and create a systematic plan for longer term philanthropic goals.

Fidelity Labs explores emerging technology and harnesses innovation to benefit Fidelitys businesses and customers.

The Discovery Ventures Program is a program focused on startups looking to grow their businesses in the financial services industry. The program is designed to help participating companies better understand how to engage with large enterprises so that they can accelerate their sales into large enterprises and significantly increase their growth.

Fidelity CareersSales, relationship management, product, marketing, technology, operations, and corporate functions

Asset Management CareersInvestment management and support

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Before investing, consider the funds investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully.

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In general the bond market is volatile, and fixed income securities carry interest rate risk. (As interest rates rise, bond prices usually fall, and vice versa. This effect is usually more pronounced for longer-term securities.) Fixed income securities also carry inflation risk, liquidity risk, call risk and credit and default risks for both issuers and counterparties. Unlike individual bonds, most bond funds do not have a maturity date, so avoiding losses caused by price volatility by holding them until maturity is not possible.

ETFs are subject to market fluctuation and the risks of their underlying investments. ETFs are subject to management fees and other expenses. Unlike mutual funds, ETF shares are bought and sold at market price, which may be higher or lower than their NAV, and are not individually redeemed from the fund.

Because of their narrow focus, sector funds tend to be more volatile than funds that diversify across many sectors and companies.

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