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Working together to saveFloyds Fork for future generations.

We are here for the same reason you are, because we love Floyds Fork. By working together, we can have a powerful effect on the places that matter most.

The future of Floyds Fork should be importanttoall of us, but preserving this great waterway isdependent on the supportof people like you. The Future Fundworks together with theparks you love to protect them for the next generation.Learn more about our important work.

…saving Floyds Fork and has been since 1993. Today, the Future Fund is the ONLY entity buying land to protect the Floyds Fork watershed.

…working to preserve 10,000 acres & today, has succeeded at preserving over 4000 acres.

…partnering with Metro Louisville, The Parklands of Floyds Fork & 21st Century Parks to assist in providing land for recreational space.

Future Fund Donates Land to Metro Louisville and Broad Run Park in The Parklands.

The Future Fund Land Trust is donating land to Metro Louisville and Broad Run Park within The Parklands of Floyds Fork to become a splash and spray ground. This newest attraction will be a central focal point of Broad Run Park which is slated to be open in April of 2016. The playground will be the center most point of the 600 acres of Broad Run Park. The park is located off of Bardstown Road which is the southern most point of The Parklands. The attraction will be named the Cliffside Playground and Sprayground.

We are delighted to partner with the Parklands and the City of Louisville, stated Steve Henry, President and Founder of the Future Fund Land Trust which currently owns over 2000 acres of The Parklands. Donating this land will help complete the fourth and final phase of The Parklands.