Curriculog = Course and Curriculum Management System

Curriculog is an online course and curriculum management system used for submitting, reviewing, and approving curriculum proposals. This site is designed for faculty and administrators who are involved with the course and curriculum process as governed by the Faculty of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; e.g. adding, modifying, and inactivating courses, minors, certificates, degree/major programs, etc.

Curriculog is entirely online and works in conjunction with Acalog, the electronic catalog system. When proposals receive final approval, curriculum changes will populate into Acalog for future catalog publication.

Training to use the system as an originator, committee chair, committee member, and/or administrator is available on theCurriculog Calendar. Instructional materials are also available to assist you in completing proposal forms and can be found on ourcourse and curriculum webpage.

To access the system click Login at the top right side of your screen and enter your NinerNET username and password. If you encounter problems or have any questions when using this system please complete theContact Us web formor feel free to contact the Faculty Governance Assistant atfar 7-5719.

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Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

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