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A Future Fund is a fresh and exciting approach to charitable giving. Its mission is to engage and provide todays young visionaries and leaders with a means to impact their community through the giving of their pooled resources, talents, and convictions. Here is how it works.

Each year, new and current members pay membership dues based on their age and family status (single or couple). These dues are pooled together into one lump sum for the year. Half of all membership dues go towards an endowment that is growing for future generations and producing annual income towards each years grant cycle. The other half goes directly to the current years charitable grant giving account, and you join with the other current HSFF members to select which charitable organizations to support. Together, we truly are making a larger impact in our community by joining our resources together rather than giving apart!

In addition to helping support area nonprofit organizations financially, your membership in a Future Fund allows you to gain a greater understanding of the needs that exist for children, education, the homeless, the arts, and so on, in your community. As we are exposed to these needs, perhaps more people will see ways we can further help these area organizations in other capacities. It also allows you to be as involved as you want to be. You may simply give your membership dues each year and vote for charities of your preference then do nothing else, or you may become more involved by paying dues, voting, serving on a committee, or leading the membership. If you are interested in serving in leadership or on a committee, contact your local future fund.

The Hot Springs Future Fund was started in 2010 by theHot Springs Area Community Foundationand inspired by the Future Fund in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Richard Averill Foundation provided the means and the vehicle for Hot Springs Future Fund to obtain its mission by graciously granting $10,000 to the Future Fund Endowment.

Click here for the 2019 Hot Springs Future Fund Grant Application

This year, consider involving young leaders at your organization in the important work of the Hot Springs Future Fund!Sponsoring membership for your employees has many benefits:

Good corporate citizenship improves employee engagement

70% of young professionals strongly favor companies committed to the community

Engaged employees are more loyal, work harder, and stay longer

Engaged employees are more satisfied with their jobs and leadership

To provide sponsored memberships for your employees, contact Miranda Johnson

In addition to providing memberships for young leaders in your organization, consider contributing to the broader work of Hot Springs Future Fund by sponsoring our Spring Social. At our Summer Social, the Hot Springs Luau, our membership will come together to vote on which grant applications will be funded.

The 2018 Hot Springs Luau will take place in August on Lake Hamilton!

Eventsponsorshipis available in the following levels:

Exclusive logo treatment and name recognition as the premier sponsor

Tent space (10 x 10) for promotional tent (or other space up for discussion)

Premier Logo placement on banner signage throughout event

Placement of any corporate signage with exclusive company logo

Corporate name included on press releases and any PSAs

Premier Logo placement on banner signage throughout event

Placement of any corporate signage with exclusive company logo

Corporate name included on press releases and any PSAs

Tent space (10 x 10) for promotional tent (or other space up for discussion)

Secondary Logo placement on banner signage throughout event

Corporate logo included on posters to be displayed at local businesses

Corporate logo included on print advertising and social media posts from Hot Springs Future Fund

Logo placement on banner signage throughout event

The great thing about membership dues is that 100 percent of your dues are pooled together with other members and are used to build our capacity for grantmaking now and in the future.

Once I join, what are my obligations as a member?

Members can participate as much or as little as they want. At the minimal level, each member will be asked to vote for the charities of their choice. Others may look to be more involved by participating in a committee that may focus on membership, plan events or grantmaking.

Professional managers hired by Arkansas Community Foundation manage the money.

The Steering Committee for the Future Fund acts as the Board of Directors. Each year, a Chair and Chair-Elect preside over this committee. The Steering Committee sets the goals and strategies for the Future Fund. Because the Future Fund is an initiative of the Hot Springs Area Community Foundation,the Foundations Board of Directors ultimately governs it.

Who decides which charitable organizations to support?

The Members Decide! The focus this year is charities that will fall under:

Nonprofit organizations in Hot Springs are eligible to apply for the Future Fund Grants.

The Grants Committee, which is a volunteer committee, will streamline the grant proposals that are submitted and create a slate of recommendations for the full Future Fund Membership to vote on.When does the membership vote on charitable grants?Members will get an opportunity to vote at the annual Hot Springs Future Fund Spring Social. This is a time to hear testimonials from Grantees of the last giving cycle while voting on the charities for the next giving cycle.Who sponsors the Hot Springs Future Fund?The Hot Springs Future Fund is an initiative of Hot Springs Area Community Foundation and receives support from the foundation. Hot Springs Area Community Foundation has contributed $5,000 for the first year to help launch the initiative. In the future, the fund may look to individual and corporate sponsors to underwrite the Future Funds operations and events.Back to Affiliate Offices–>

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