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XAI isthe first altcoin index that reflects the dynamics ofthe most powerful alternative cryptocurrencies. Theindex isbased onthe leaders bythe market capitalization. Today, these are:

Ethereum,Ethereum Classic,Ripple,Monero,LitecoinandZCash.

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The index reflects the real-time dynamics of 6 cryptocurrencies that cover 30% of the crypto market capitalization. If the value of any of the cryptocurrencies changes by more than 10% (as a share in the index), the index gets re-calculated using the weighted average price of the previous trading hour.

The weight of a cryptocurrency equals its capitalization divided

by the overall capitalization of all cryptocurrencies included

in XAI index. The calculations are done according to the formula below:

wherenis the number of cryptocurrencies in XAI index (n=6 currently).

If the weight of one of the cryptocurrencies exceeds 35%, it is automatically fixed at the level of 35%. All the other weights get recalculated proportionally to their capitalizations, so that the sum of the weights is equal to 100%. The re-calculation of the weights occurs on the last day of every month at 12:00 (UTC).

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