Immersive, spatial, and intelligent computing for consumer and enterprise.

The Venture Reality Fund drives innovation and investment at the intersection of immersive, spatial, and intelligent computing for consumer and enterprise sectors.

Together with world-class limited partners, we invest in innovative solutions and promising entrepreneurs across a variety of sectors, from infrastructure and development tools to content and applications.

The artificial intelligence and spatial computing landscape continue to grow and evolve rapidly. To support investors, startups, and thought leadership in this space, the Venture Reality Fund shares the following network resources based on our research and initiatives.

A reference resource of female entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and active participants in the XR and AI industries to help organizers connect with innovators in our network.

A comprehensive landscape of major players in augmented and virtual reality, including those developing infrastructure, tools, platforms, applications, and content for the ecosystem.

Past General Partner presentations and interviews.

Two veterans of immersive storytelling have banded together for a new Los Angeles-based augmented reality (AR) startup: Former Felix Paul chief content officer Ryan Horrigan and former Milk VR and producer Armando Kirwin unveiled their new startup Artie Thursday, laying out a vision to bring intelligent avatars everywhere.

Augmented reality is a very buzzy space, but the fundamental technologies underpinning it are pushing boundaries across a lot of other verticals. Machine learning, object recognition and visual mapping tech are the pillars of plenty of new ventures, enabling there to be companies that thrive in the overlap. Phiar (pronounced fire) is building an augmented reality navigation app for drivers, but the same tech its built to help drivers easily pinpoint where they need to make their next turn also helps them build up rich mapping data that can give partners like autonomous car startups the high-quality data they so deeply need.

VR Investor and developer Tipatat Chennavasin, GP for The VR Fund joins us to talk about how far weve come over the past 2.5 years of consumer VR.

Despite the strong support for AR from massive companies like Facebook, Snap and Microsoft, experts say VR is the medium that offers the biggest potential growth.

AR brings digital content into physical environments at real-world scale. Ideal for things like equipment sales and training. Launch this live demo on your iOS device (no account required):

AI flushed by poker success but athletes can reap benefits of virtual reality Sean Ingle vr @rrhoover5h

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The XR Safety Initiative (@XRSIdotorg) is a new organization dedicated to categorizing XR security threats & promoting best practices in privacy & ethics.

I talk with co-founder @KavyaPearlman on her collaboration with XR security researcher @cybershawerma

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