Investing globally for over 45 years, with expertise in Asia, and most of our strategies being offered as regulated European structures (UCITS).

Wide range of offerings using advanced algorithms combined with traditional bottom-up research analysis, to bring you the best.

Our unbiased investment decisions provide a platform of premium financial products to our investors worldwide.

How far do we trust our investment decisions? By investing alongside our clients.

Do you value talent over honesty? Why not both! Welcome to Diamond Capital. Founded 17 years ago to meet the high expectations of local and international clients, we have collective investment performance which is the result of talented individuals working toward a common goal. Your goal.

Our group offers a variety of global investment solutions to both private and institutional investors. Our fund platform is focused on delivering alpha and providing value by offering unique products and preserving its commitment to protect investors capital. We view our investors as partners, and invest alongside them in every product that we offer. Which means we believe in what we preach. That is why the groups principals are the largest private investors in each of our funds.

The founders of Diamond Capital group (formerly named Nutrimenta group) have a long history of managing assets for private and institutional clients. This experience includes managing client accounts, hedge funds, long-only funds, private equity and real-estate investments in Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. This knowledge in a variety of asset classes provides the foundation for Diamond Capitals investment philosophy.

All our funds are managed by Diamond Capital Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ((formerly named Nutrimenta (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)), which holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License for Fund Management and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The …

Our approach to investing is comprised of acknowledging our strengths (e.g. alternative investments, fixed income) and knowing how to find the worlds most talented investment managers where we do not have the expertise (such as China equity). Here, we add significant value by providing…

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