As has been widely documented, a slew of exchange traded funds carryextremely low feesand, in many cases, fees are declining in the ETF universe.

Some of the largest issues of ETFs are not shy about competing fees, cutting expenses on so called core funds to 0.05% and lower. Simple math confirms that less an investor pays in fees over time, the better his or her outcomes will be.

State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), the company behind the popular SPDR brand of ETFs, launched its SPDR Portfolio, a suite of inexpensive ETFs, in 2017. Today, that group is a $34.4 billion juggernaut and its growing, both in assets and number of funds.

On Friday, Boston-based SSgA announced the addition of seven ETFs to its low-cost SPDR Portfolio, news that included expense ratio reductions on three funds. Lets look at those seven additions here.

SPDR Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF (SPGM)

Formerly known as the SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETF, theSPDR Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF(NYSE:SPGM) has a new name, new ticker and most importantly, a new annual fee. SPGM now charges 0.09% per year, well below its previous expense ratio of 0.25%.

The ETF formerly known as the SPDR STOXX Europe 50 ETF is now theSPDR Portfolio Europe ETF(NYSE:FEU). European stocks are again lagging their U.S. counterparts, but investors willing to bet on a rebound in Europe, SPEU makes a lot of sense. Well, at the very least, its a lot cheaper to bet on a Europe resurgence with this fund now that it charges 0.09% per year, down from its previous expense ratio of 0.29%.

There isnt much inflation to speak of these days, but if that scenario rears its head again, investors can combat it with theSPDR Portfolio TIPS ETF(NYSE:SPIP), which used to be the SPDR Bloomberg Barclays TIPS ETF. SPIP charges 0.12%, compared to 0.15% under its previous iteration.

TheSPDR Portfolio High Yield Bond ETF(NYSE:SPHY) used to be the SPDR ICE BofAML Broad High Yield Bond ETF. The new name and ticker are the news here as the fund underwent a fee reduction and change ininvestment objective last year. SPHYs annual fee is a still economical 0.15%.

Another name and ticker change. TheSPDR Portfolio Corporate Bond ETF(NYSE:SPBO) previously existed as the SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Corporate Bond ETF. At 0.06% per year, the fund is one of the least expensive in the investment-grade corporate bond ETF category.

SPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Treasury ETF (SPTI)

TheSPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Treasury ETF(NYSE:SPTI) has nearly $932 million in assets under management, tracks the Bloomberg Barclays 3-10 Year U.S.Treasury Index and only holds bonds with maturities ranging from three to 10 years. Often overlooked in this category, its addition to the SPDR Portfolio could boost its notoriety.

SPDR Portfolio Mortgage Backed Bond ETF (SPMB)

A cost-effective avenue to mortgage-backed securities, theSPDR Portfolio Mortgage Backed Bond ETF(NYSE:SPMB) charges just 0.06% and used to be the SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Mortgage Backed Bond ETF.

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