ARK seeks to identify disruptive innovation in the public markets. We research a global universe that spans sectors and market capitalizations to offer investment solutions with low correlation to traditional index-based strategies, because we believe innovation is key to growth.

ARKs latest research on disruptive innovation:

Parcel Drone Delivery Should Supercharge EcommerceParcel Drone Delivery Should Supercharge Ecommerce

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ARKs podcast offers an intellectual discussion on recent developments across disruptive innovationdriven by research, news, controversies, companies, and technological breakthroughs. In every episode ARK and guests provide unique perspectives on how best to understand disruptive innovation and how to capture technologically enabled growth.

ARKs white papers are the result of extensive in-house research and modeling. ARKs analysts present conclusions and projections for some of the most disruptive areas of innovation.

We are passionate about disruptive innovation and want you to be as well. Read our original research and innovation white papers to learn more about disruptive technologies and the investment opportunities they create.

We invite you to join our monthly webinar series presented by ARKs Chief Investment Officer, Catherine D. Wood, and her teams of thematic analysts. The webinar offers a QA-based discussion on recent market developments, macro economics, and thematic investing in disruptive innovation.

We believe our combination of top-down and bottom-up research allows ARK to identify disruptive innovation early and better understand the magnitude of the opportunity. We aim to educate investors on the pace of change and share our research with the world.

All original research is vetted through ARKs research ecosystem and by its Director of Research. Every published blog is reviewed by ARKs Chief Investment Officer, Catherine D. Wood.

ARK defines disruptive innovation as the introduction of a technologically enabled new product or service that should change an industry landscape by creating simplicity and accessibility while driving down costs.

We believe the opportunities resulting from disruptive innovation often are underestimated or misunderstood by traditional investment managers focused too much on traditional sectors and short-term price movements. ARKs analyst research spans across sectors, industries, and markets to gain a deeper understanding of the convergence, market potential, and long-term impact of disruptive innovation.

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Over time, innovation should displace industry incumbents, increase efficiencies, and gain majority market share, offering growth opportunities for investors. More importantly, disruptive innovation impacts and concerns all of our lives and changes the way the world works.

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