We have partnered with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health (LG Health) to launch a unique impact fund aimed at fast-tracking precision medicine technologies and practices that leverage AI and IoT to deliver affordable, individualized solutions at a massive scale.

AspireandLG Healthare working together as Aspire

Ventures Precision Medicine Fund (AVP) General

Partners to realize the promise of precision medicine.

Traditional processvs.AVPs process:With a repeatable

process and in-house accelerators, AVP drastically reduces the

time and capital required to get innovative products to market.

Our funds unique structure equips ventures with an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and accelerators for each step of the venture development process from ideation, to clinical trials, to FDA approval, to market adoption, to insurance reimbursement maximizing our capital efficiency to rapidly advance new precision medicine technologies to market.

Aspire Venturesaccelerates early-stage ventures with a support system of shared services, established processes, and proprietary technology componentssuch as our adaptive AI platform, A2Ithat allows startups to focus on their unique value proposition from day one and reduce time and capital needed for ideation and RD.

A2I,Aspires proprietary adaptive AI platform, uses AI to build and optimize new algorithms, dramatically reducing data science and technology resources needed to build AI-powered solutions. A2I exclusively powers the technology infrastructure of Aspire and its subsidiary companies.

LG Health,AVP fund co-GP, is a nationally recognized not-for-profit health system with over $1B in annual revenue and 350 employed specialty and primary-care physicians. LG Health will dedicate clinical experts and proprietary health system data to accelerate RD, streamline clinical trials, and reduce time to secure FDA approval.

Smart Health Innovation Labis a first-of-its-kind healthcare market adoption and insurance reimbursement accelerator built in collaboration by Aspire Ventures, Capital BlueCross, Clio Health, and LG Health. The lab validates and integrates market-ready healthcare technologies through a 12-week certification program.