Discerning diamond buyers worldwide seeking natural, ethical diamonds trust KGK and understand our advantages:

To ensure complete supply chain control, KGK only carry natural diamonds and track each stone from rough to finished product.

KGK began distributing diamonds in 1969 and has manufactured finished diamonds since 1986. Our global diamond operations are based in Antwerp.

We carry an exceptional range of natural colourless and coloured stones in every popular size, shade and shape.

Our diamond buyers have long experience in evaluating and grading uncut stones. Their impeccable judgement has a positive effect throughout our value chain. Our natural, ethical stones are processed in KGK manufacturing units in:

The KGK Group is among the handful of global companies who are preferred De Beers Sightholders, Alrosa Alliance Members and Rio Tinto Select Diamantaires.

is a trademark used under licence from De Beers Group.

The ALROSA ALLIANCE logo is a trademark used under license by PJSC ALROSA

Select Diamantaire is a trademark of Rio Tinto London Limited, used under licence.Diamond production innovation

In pursuit of superior products KGK continually explores and apply new innovations to our diamond production process, including:

Advanced inclusion mapping technology for rough diamonds.

The volumes we process translate into efficiencies of scale that delivers advantages throughout the value cycle.

The KGK Group operates a sophisticated secure global distribution infrastructure brings our wholesale diamonds to:

KGK has a significant presence at many of the worlds leading diamond and jewellery trade events.