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A Biblically Responsible ETF that strives to reduce risk and produce returns through tracking the performance of the Victory US Large Cap Volatility Weighted BRI Index, which includes Timothy Plans traditional biblical screens.

A Biblically Responsible ETF that strives to reduce risk and produce returns, along with dividend income, through tracking the performance of the Victory US Large Cap High Dividend Volatility Weighted BRI Index, which includes Timothy Plans traditional biblical screens.

A new offering that strives to bring glory to God through biblically responsible investing. In short, biblical screens and cutting edge investment strategy are what set Timothy Plan smart beta ETFs apart. Smart beta, for us, means that the underlying stocks are valued based on their volatility rather than the companys size or production. This aligns with our goal of Godly stewardship as we seek to manage risk for the investor by leaning more on the companies that exhibit price stability.

Traditional financial strategies diversify based on a companys size or revenue. Smart beta utilizes technology to identify other performance metrics of the stock in question to better identify good investment opportunities. For us, its volatility.

Timothy Plan has partnered withVictory Capitalto serve as the sub-advisor for our ETFs. Victory Capital has launched multiple ETFs and manages billions of dollars with their proprietary volatility weighting (smart beta) methodology.

Timothy Plan was the pioneer in biblically responsible investing. The same biblical screens that have become synonymous with our mutual funds are applied to our ETFs. We offer strict screening on the biblical imperatives that protect the most vulnerable of our culture, such as pornography, abortion, alcohol, human rights and more.

While actively managed mutual funds are an important part of a well-balanced portfolio, a passively managed fund offers a reduced cost to the investor. This is achieved by the reduced trading costs and reduced mangement fees.

ETFs are more tax efficient for regular investment accounts (not an IRA or other retirement account), as in most instances, capital gains are not passed on to the investor.

Timothy Plan has always been transparent about the holdings of its mutual funds. Should you ever want to know which stocks are in a particular fund, whether it is one of our mutual funds or an ETF, you may contact the home office. In addition, we will always be transparent about operating expenses and any sales charges.

Timothy Plan is more than simplynotinvesting in things. Yes, the foundation of our platform is screening companies to make certain the ones we own do not participate in activities that stand contrary to our moral convictions. However, the importance of our mission is rooted every bit as much in our moral imperatives. Within those imperatives is the call to actively support the organizations and companies that are working to build the best possible future, by adhering to the Biblical principles of right and wrong. Through our support, and those like us, we will enable organizations with the most positive message to be the most influential in the future designs of our community.

Scripture warns that the volume of riches can increase, and the impact can lessenif that increase in volume is offset by support of activities and ideologies that have a direct negative effect on our community. The impact of our investments affects more than the return column on our account statements, it enables companies of high moral character to establish a greater presence in our community at largeKingdom Impact Investing.

Timothy Plan ETFs are available through broker-dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, and online brokerage firms. Ask your broker about investing in Timothy Plan ETFs. If your advisor, investment advisor firm or broker-dealer isnt familiar with Timothy Plan, please do not hesitate to call us.

ETFs are funds that trade on an exchange like a stock. They are an easy to use, low cost and tax efficient way to invest money and are widely available on most online brokerage accounts and through financial advisors.

Talk to your financial advisor about adding Timothy Plan ETFs to your portfolio

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If you would like a recommendation for an advisor in your area, please call us at 800.846.7526.

Our proven, decades-long approach to investing provides you with many great reasons to consider faith-based investing with us. Here are just a few:

Oldest Biblically Responsible registered investment company

ETFs managed by Victory Capital, a smart beta investment company with proven track records in blending passive and active management methodologies

The only smart beta, biblically responsible ETFs

Ease of investment in most online brokerage accounts, including self-managed IRAs

Available to institutional and individual investors

Complements existing Timothy Plan mutual funds to improve diversification in class and strategy

Adheres to the 8 zero-tolerance biblical screens, and 65 sub-screens, that Timothy Plan has been helping investors embrace since 1994

Investing may result in a loss of principal. Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. Because the Timothy Plan funds do not invest in excluded securities, the Funds may be riskier than other funds that invest in a broader array of securities. There are risks when a fund limits its investments to particular sized companies, and all companies are subject to market risk.

A prospectus is availablefrom the Fund or your financial professional that contains more complete, important information. Please read it carefully before investing.ETFs distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC,Member FINRASIPC.Timothy Partners, Ltd. is not affiliated with Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

Contact your financial advisor for information regarding your account.

A prospectus is availablefrom the Fund or your financial professional that contains more complete, important information. Please read it carefully before investing.Mutual Funds distributed by Timothy Partners, mber FINRA.

a.INTERNATIONAL FUNDS, compared to domestic funds, have added risk from currency fluctuations and exchange risks, a more relaxed regulatory environment, more rapid and extreme changes in value due to smaller market sizes, or possible adverse political activities. Investment portfolios that are limited to specific geographic regions or countries may also increase the risk of loss, as does limiting the number of companies available for investing. Emerging markets or emerging economies are nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and/or industrialization.

b.BOND FUNDSare not FDIC insured and are subject to yield and market risk as the interest rates fluctuate, as compared to Certificates of Deposits which offer a fixed rate of return and are FDIC insured. The degree of risk for a security may be reflected in its credit rating. Bonds in the High Yield Bond Fund that are rated at BBB or lower by Standard & Poors, or that are unrated are subject to greater market risk and credit risk, or loss of principal and interest, than higher rated securities.

c.DIVERSIFICATIONdoes not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

invest in smaller company stocks which tend to be more volatile than securities of larger, more established companies. They are generally bought and sold in smaller quantities and may not be as liquid. All of these instances may increase your risk.

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